… Dentistry can reduce chronic disease in our practices … today!

It is a FACT that oral pathogens are causal to atherosclerotic disease. It is time to begin the training that will save your patient’s lives.

Year 2016- Specific oral pathogens are found causal to atherosclerotic disease… atherosclerotic disease is causal to a significant American death rate.

Researchers are concluding that about 50% of cardiovascular events have an oral pathogen as causal or associated with that event. One third of heart attacks result in death.


Translocated oral pathogen microbiomes are now found in carotid, coronary, and femoral arteries… with high counts relative to competing organisms.

Testing high-risk patients is essential… perhaps a mandatory standard of care. Local adjunctive therapies for high-risk patients have no impact on the translocated biomes… now what?

Periodontitis is a medical condition with a dental solution… from trained dental teams.

To all of dentistry- may we see the way to provide complete ‘patient caring’ by routinely implementing oral systemic practices. To our oral systemic colleagues- your patents are living healthier. To our patient friends- may you encourage your dental team to move in this direction.

Learn more at extraordinarypractice.com


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