Be the solution… for your patients.

2017 – 92.1 million Americans have some form of heart disease – American Heart Association.

02_21_18_blogtw2004- J Periodontology – 91% of people with heart disease have some form of gums that bleed.

2018- 83.5 million Americans have both heart disease and gums that bleed.

2017- the ‘Anerobe’ co-occurrence study – the same profile of high-risk, gram negative, pathogens found in the mouth are found on coronary and carotid arteries of patents who have some form of both heart disease and gums that bleed. That is 83.5M Americans.

The past decade- a vascular researcher, Pessi, has found 50% or more of heart attacks and strokes are initiated by, linked to, associated with, and some simply caused by… oral pathogens living on arterial linings. That will be 50% of 83.5M Americans.

‘Houston… we have a problem! ‘

The ‘bad bugs’ in the human mouth or those which have moved to the coronary and carotid arteries do not need to be a risk factor for 83.5M Americans. Trained dental teams have the solution … some medical teams are referring patients to these teams. This is ‘new’… but vitally important to patient wellness and reducing chronic disease.

‘Houston… we have a solution!’

To all of dentistry- may we see the way to provide complete ‘patient caring’ by routinely implementing oral systemic practices. To our oral systemic colleagues- your patents are living healthier. To our patient friends- may you encourage your dental team to move in this direction.

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